Bucket List

Image: John Everett Millais, The Farmer’s Daughter (Unknown date– also unknown how this relates to a page about bucket lists besides, you know, the bucket). Oil on canvas

If you’ve read my first blog post (linked right here, for your convenience), you know I’m an avid over-planner and I LOVE making lists. So, I figured it would be more than fitting to have my very own bucket list on my blog! Here, you’ll find some goals of mine while abroad (ranging from very doable to somewhat unrealistic) that I hope to cross off as the semester progresses. I’ve ranked them from what I really hope to achieve to the goals I’m not quite as passionate about (but still like, driven enough to include them on the list?). I’ll try to update this page semi-frequently and maybe even add more goals, so check back to see where I’m at on my bucket list!

  1. Visit 6 new cities (top of the list include Stockholm, Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, anywhere in Iceland, Vienna, Tallinn, and more) [Malmö][Madrid][Valencia][Aarhus][Budapest][Chamonix][Dublin][Belfast][Stockholm][Berlin][Cannes][Antibes][Nice][Èze][Beaulieu-sur-Mer][Riomaggiore][Manarola][Monterosso al Mare][Vernazza][Corniglia][Milan]
  2. Learn at least 5 new recipes (that actually taste good– don’t lie to yourself Olivia)
  3. Go all out at a Renaissance or Viking festival somewhere (I’m a huge history geek and I love dress-up, so this is a perfect intersection of those two things)
  4. Become a candle and lighting connoisseur (because hygge– duh)
  5. Feel comfortable in my commute to class (this is a bit of an ambiguous goal– how do you know that you’ve perfected your biking commute, yanno?) (your ‘commute’ to class is a 2 minute walk, Olivia, so this goal barely counts– remember that)
  6. Go to 7 museums (art, history, whatever) [Davids Samling][Kunsthal Charlottenberg][Thorvaldsens Museum][SMK][Copenhagen Contemporary][Irish Emigration Museum][National Museum of Ireland][Hungarian National Gallery][GL STRAND][Louisiana][Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek][The Occupation Museum][ARoS]
  7. Become more outdoorsy (also an ambiguous goal– maybe I’ll know I achieved it when I have the sudden urge to buy a Subaru?)
  8. See the northern lights
  9. Get completely lost in a new city (like, freshman-trying-to-find-their-class-lost), but be totally okay with it without freaking out and trying to get back on track immediately (best laid plans, you know)
  10. Visit a viking ship museum (so I didn’t get to cross off this goal, but I did visit the Vasa Museum in Stockholm which was super surreal)

Here’s to new places, new lists, and new goals!

xoxo– olivia! 🙂


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