The ULTIMATE Copenhagen Trend Report

Image: Frank Markham Skipworth, The Enamelled Chain (1911). Oil on canvas

Attention everyone! I have gone to painstaking efforts in my short time in Copenhagen to closely observe the hottest (and not-so-hot) things here and compile them into this comprehensive list for you all. Here is the ultimate Copenhagen trend report, the hots and the nots, the yays and all of the nays, what have you– read on and prepare to be enlightened by the most hip trends in Copenhagen right now.

*disclaimer: this post is just for fun and most definitely not at all a comprehensive or serious list detailing the current ‘trends’ in Copenhagen– honestly, most of these aren’t even trends. I’ll still stand by some of them like how in vogue and amazing mandarin oranges are, but this just a light-hearted list that I wanted to share with you all about the things I’ve enjoyed here as well as some things that really grind my gears. Enjoy!


  • Cafes actually having space for me to study in-between classes– I feel so studious and productive (and not at all interested almost exclusively in what cake flavors they have that day)
  • Checking out cookbooks from the public library– public libraries are SO hot right now
  • Tulips from Netto
  • Museum cafes. Something about a museum cafe is just so weirdly soothing (and also mind-blowingly expensive)?
  • THICK gloves (this addition is for my friend Maddie who couldn’t feel her fingers after our biking excursion the other day– love you!)
  • The Emmerys coffee card
  • Gorpcore– why do so many Copenhageners look like they just popped out of an REI ready to free solo El Capitan?
  • Mandarin oranges
  • Oatly (mainly because of the company’s hardcore marketing campaign around Nørreport Station)
  • Donkey Republic. They do a really great job of forcing riders to form an emotional attachment with inanimate objects by giving their bikes cute names (sometimes I still think about the bike that was named tallerken, the Danish word for plate– not entirely sure what they were going for with that one?)


  • Those weird cobblestones on certain streets that basically break your ankle if you step on them wrong. Note to self: maybe stop wearing your platform Uggs if you can barely walk in them without almost sending yourself to the hospital (although I kind of want to see what this Danish universal healthcare system is all about…)
  • Early morning flights. I still haven’t decided if saving $130 was worth the 5:45 AM flight back from Budapest– my wallet is thanking me, but I don’t think I will ever fully recover from that pain
  • Limp lettuce that you LITERALLY just got from the grocery store 2 days ago
  • Getting wildly overcharged for film at that one photography store because I hadn’t quite nailed down the conversion rate yet and stupidly swiped my card anyway. Maybe that one was on me
  • Losing your coat and/or ID at Proud Mary’s and having to post in the DIS Copenhagen group chat asking if anyone has seen it (this addition is for another friend, who will remain anonymous due to embarrassment)
  • The bells that ring from the Church of Our Saviour in Christianshavn. It’s actually quite a quirky and fun tune, but heading back from my friend’s apartment late at night and hearing it kind of makes me feel like I’m in a horror movie :/

I could definitely sit down and add like 15 more items to each category, but I think this is a good number to start out with– who knows, maybe I’ll make this silly trend report into a series? In the meantime, let me know what you think about my list (hate it? Let me know!) and feel free to drop your Copenhagen yays and nays, ins and outs, whatever you’re in the mood for. I hope you enjoyed– vi ses!

xoxo– olivia! 🙂


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