Film Friday #3

Image: Theodor Philipsen, Late Autumn Day in the Jægersborg Deer Park, North of Copenhagen (1886). Oil on canvas

3 packed bags sit in the corner of my room as I write this post. I want to say that my room is still awash with vacuum seal bags, various piles of clothing (from the this-is-a-must-pack-item-even-though-I-didn’t-wear-it-once pile to the I-bought-these-itemshere-and-feel-wasteful-if-I-don’t-bring-them-home-even-though-I-barely-have-space pile), and way too many souvenirs– that I still have plenty of hurdles to jump and to-dos to cross off before my departure from Copenhagen. But that isn’t true. My room is depressingly empty, a majority of my roommates have made their way home, and it’s somehow gotten to be 4 AM. I also wish I could go ahead and make this my concluding reflection post, but I think that will have to come later. In the meantime, enjoy some film capturing the chapter of my life that I will soon be closing in T-5 hours. ❤

Olympus Infinity Zoom 76 AF. CineStill 800TLab developed.

Stockholm, Sweden

Badstuestræde, Copenhagen

Botanical Gardens, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Canals

Jeg elsker København.

xoxo– olivia! 🙂


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